Swaging Machine

Swaging Machine

  The Swaging machine is commonly used to reduce or forge round workpiece into a smaller diameter or produce a taper for various applications. The rotary mechanism can reduce material diameter to enable the tube to be fed through the die and then pulled by the drawing car. Our standard models are using with four piece dies, which is suitable for the shaping of precious metal tubes and rods.This machine is very easy to install and operate, and the sloping angle of swaging dies can be designed according to customer specifications. It is widely used in the manufacture of semi-finished products and consumer goods such as lighting parts, furniture parts, bicycle racks, hardware components and automotive parts.

SM03  SM15


※ Above specification, dimensions and designs are subject to change without prior notice.

What are the Benefits

. Significant Material Savings with Minimum Chips Removal
. Processes Steel & Non-ferrous Materials with No Temperature Restriction
. Easy Replacement on Spare Parts

Specification & Capacity