Cold Drawing Machine

Cold Drawing Machine

  The Cold Draw bench is a chain-type machine with a very versatile design. It can be used for a wide range of metal tubes and bars that specifically require re-sizing, precision and strict tolerance for industrial applications. Materials can be round, hexagonal, square or even profile tubes and bars. Apart from making the outer or inner surface smoother, the cold drawing process also shapes the material to the required diameter and wall thickness. In addition to the standard model, the design of partial automation includes pneumatic mandrel lifting and forward system, tube pusher, and unloading devices can be optionally equipped to draw bench for better efficiency.
  With easy installation, the SA models can be greatly modified according to production line requirement. Our diverse range of cold drawing machine excel at the precision drawing of wide range of brass, copper, aluminum, and steel tubes.

SA Model  HS Model

SA Cold Drawing Machine

※ Above specification, dimensions and designs are subject to change without prior notice.

What are the Benefits

. Versatile Design with a Wide Range of Models
. Linear Workflow with Auto Lifting & Forward System
. Adjustable Die Holder for Straightness & Consistency

Specification & Capacity